Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Art Projects in the Smithland Art Studio

Smithland artists have been working hard learning about a variety of art teachniques and concepts these last couple of months.  Check back soon to see their completed masterpieces! 

4th Graders are currently creating winter scenes using watercolor and resist techniques.  This week they will create cardinal drawings and collage them onto their painting.
 2nd Graders created patterned painted paper to use for creative cup collages.  Final projects will be complete soon!
1st Graders learned about collage techniques and the primary colors with this project.  They also learned about the artist Piet Mondrain and made their own shape and line collages with unique compositions.
 3rd Graders worked hard on their toucan inspired paintings.  They learned about working with tempera paint, creating interesting compositions and incorporating color into their artwork.